High school graduates today have many more choices than previous generations. The current Occupational Outlook Handbook, produced by the U.S. Department of Labor, contains 790 unique occupations.  Other “career” websites boast up to 12,000 unique job titles. As parents, we have worked hard to make sure our children received a good education and set expectations of continuing their education in college. Having more options is typically considered to be a good thing…until you are under pressure to decide.

When it comes to making a choice about anything, people think they like to have lots of options.  However, research indicates that having too many options causes stress and increases the likelihood we won’t choose anything.  You might have felt this stress trying to plan a weeknight meal or choosing a movie to watch. When faced with too many options, our brain activity diminishes. We are less able to evaluate costs, benefits, and value.

What students need are practical ways to explore possible futures withing the pressure of making a choice. Imagine an environment where students can engage with experiences and games that inform as well as gather important data about specific traits related to career fit. This data can be used to increase self-awareness and to suggest additional career options for the student to explore. 

Direction Sign of Majors

At iXplore, we haven’t just imagined this possibility, we are building it.