We’re Closing the Gaps in Career Awareness

Our team will take the time to understand your story and present your chosen career pathways – roles, skills, credentials, apprenticeships, and beyond – to users through a combination of interactive, industry-related virtual games and animations, visual 180-degree and social media-style video content, and professional voiceovers, all showcased on your own branded VR headsets. Your experience will be designed and tested to entice your ideal candidates at virtually any location, from schools to career fairs to trade shows and more.

Xploration for the Next Generation
Student in iXplore Headset
Student in iXplore Headset
Student in iXplore Headset


Build Deeper Connection And Understanding

Going well beyond websites, social media, and even training modules, our team captures the voices of your high-performing team members, laying the foundation for an experience that catches the attention of ideal candidates.


Passion Matters More Than Paycheck

We build fun and gamified immersive experiences that connect users to what makes your organization special. Before they dig further into the “what,” we want students and young adults to understand more about the ”why.”


Make a Bigger Impact at Career-Focused Events

Your team will easily attract attendees through customized kiosks, branded headsets, and promotional extras that set the stage for maximum impact. We’ll also advise on best practices to keep them engaged after each event.

2023 MIRA Award Nominee