In the past thirty years, technology has completely changed the way we work, the way we meet and collaborate with others, and the way we learn.  Personal computers, smart phones and the Internet are each examples of a new era in interacting with the world around us.  The ability of virtual reality to change the way we work, learn and collaborate has been well-documented. As evidenced by the Gartner Emerging Tech Hype Cycle, it is no longer technology of the future. It’s solving problems for savvy leaders today. Following are three reasons you should consider VR to support your recruitment and talent pipeline efforts in the near future.

#1 : Unique, Unmatched Ability to Create Memorable, Influential Experiences

Nothing compares to the realism of experiences in fully immersive virtual reality.  Harvard researcher, Eileen McGivney has discovered VR can provide powerful, emotional experiences for students which increase feelings of competence and motivation.  In a VR headset, distractions are minimized.  There are endless possibilities to use video and audio content to impact emotions, which influence interest and memory. You are probably already seeing the impact of emotional connections in your social media recruitment. VR extends and multiplies this ability.   Job previews can not only include snapshots of the work environment, they can also incorporate realistic simulations to both inform and evaluate potential for success.

#2 : Virtual Reality is Already Embraced and Enjoyed by Emerging Talent

Student in Headset

Teens and tweens of Generation Z are early adopters of technology and are highly motivated to embrace virtual reality. They have a huge appetite for learning when it feels like entertainment. Early adopters such as the U.S Military have found that VR helps better engage with 17-25 year olds.  Also important to note are potential differences in awareness and enthusiasm between ethnic groups.

A recent Touchstone study found that Black and Hispanic individuals demonstrated more awareness and interest in VR than whites. In our experience, young people flock to a VR kiosk at a career fair. They are curious and eager to share their experience with both adults and peers.

#3 : Maximizes Your Investment in Recruiting Events

As recruitment of emerging talent heats up there is a strong need to differentiate your career fair presence. Armed with a smile and brochures, recruiters work hard to increase traffic to their booth. A virtual reality kiosk is a refreshing strategy that naturally attracts candidates to your booth at these events.

Students in VR Career Lab

Inside the experience, candidates can tour your workplace, see samples of your products and services, meet inspirational staff members, and gain a deeper understanding of the valuable opportunities available. It’s a bit like bringing a subject matter expert from every relevant part of your business to each event. Not only can you increase your booth traffic at these events, you can also measure candidate reactions and begin to capture relevant data to guide future recruiting activities. 


At iXplore, we understand the need to find new solutions for attracting talent. Schedule a complimentary consultation to see if VR is right for you.